Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Both Physical & Online Classes Available

Course Detail

Course Duration: 2 Months
Class Days: Thursday, Friday
Start Date Class Timing Physical Classes Fee Online Classes Fee
18 Jul 2024 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
(Pakistan Time)*
16,000 PKR
(8,000 PKR Per Month)
10,000 PKR
(5,000 PKR Per Month)
* 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM (UAE Time)
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Course Outline

Module 1: Affiliate marketing basics and fundamentals.


The aim of this module is to make students understand the basics fundamentals of amazon affiliate marketing aspects and how to earn money online. 

Module objective:

  1. Introduction of amazon
  2. How do you make money with Amazon as an affiliate?
  3. Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing is your best choice?
  4. Picking a Hot Amazon Niche

Module 2: Amazon Affiliate program


This module is specially designed for the students to learn that how the amazon affiliate program works and can make you earn a handsome amount. 

Module objective:

  1. Creating an Amazon Affiliate Website
  2. Creating Product Oriented Content
  3. Creating Your Amazon Associates Account
  4. Amazon Affiliate Program Rules and Requirements
  5. Drive traffic to your site

Module 3: Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program


This module is designed to learn that how one can run an amazon account through affiliation marketing aspects. 

Module objectives: 

  1. A niche for your website
  2. Product reviews and comparison posts
  3. Blog consistently
  4. Storefront on your website.
  5. Linking your Amazon Affiliate Links

Module objective 4 : Marketing and strategies 


This module can teach students how to advertise the blog and make different marketing strategies. 

Module objectives:

  1. Advertise your website on social media and search engines.
  2. Marketing to drive traffic to the affiliate products and getting a high volume of traffic that turns into sales. 
  3. Marketing strategies 
  4. Commission Program 
  5. Paid campaigns 
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