Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Outline of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Module 1: Affiliate marketing basics and fundamentals.
Aim of module:
The aim of this module is to make students understand the basics fundamentals of amazon affiliate marketing aspects and how to earn money online.
Module objective:
• Introduction of amazon
• How do you make money with Amazon as an affiliate?
• Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing is your best choice?
• Picking a Hot Amazon Niche

Module 2: Amazon Affiliate program
Aim of module:
This module is specially designed for the students to learn that how the amazon affiliate program works and can make you earn a handsome amount.
Module objective:
• Creating an Amazon Affiliate Website
• Creating Product
• Oriented Content

• Creating Your Amazon Associates Account
• Program Rules and Requirements
• Drive traffic to your site

Module 3: Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program
Aim of module:
This module is designed to learn that how one can run an amazon account through affiliation marketing aspects.
Module objectives:
• A niche for your website
• Product reviews and comparison posts
• Blog consistently
• Storefront on your website.
• Linking your Amazon Affiliate Links

Module objective 4: Marketing and strategies
Aim of the module:
This module can teach students how to advertise the blog and make different marketing strategies.
Module objectives:
• Advertise your website on social media and search engines.
• Marketing to drive traffic to the affiliate products and getting a high volume of traffic that turns into sales.
• Marketing strategies
• Commission Program
• Paid campaigns

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