Here at Technique, we offer a number of training courses that are a need of the hour and are meant to
stay. Be it Artificial Intelligence which Elon Musk refers to all the time or be it Robotics which is essential for us to learn as the future will have more Robots than ever, we offer all such relevant trainings courses that will make our future sustainable and enjoyable.

Here is a list of the training courses, along with their relevance, we offer for both online medium and in-
class medium:

1. Data Science:

Optimize data in real-time by the help of this course.

2. Deep Learning:

Conduct face recognitions, creating virtual assistants and the likes.

3. Python Programming:

Identify whatever you want to identify be it speech, image, or text.

4. Game Design and Development:

Design and create your own game. It could be the next Pub-G in town.

5. Full Stack Web Application Development:
Develop both client and server software.

6. Commercial Graphics Designing:
The world needs more and more graphics. Make your contribution.

7. Video Editing and 3D Animation:
Content industry is growing at 300% every year. Why not edit the content?

8. Android Application Development:
Design and create your application and have it uploaded on Google Play Store.

9. Amazon Affiliate Marketing:
Learn the art of selling in the international Amazon Market.

10. SEO and Freelancing:
Get websites ranked on the top pages of Google and earn revenue through Freelancing.

11. Website Development with WordPress:
WordPress is an advanced tool. Learn it and make modern websites on it.

12. Microsoft Office Foundation:
Learn MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and become an expert.

13. English Language Program:
Become a fluent speaker, reader, listener and writer of English language.

14. IELTS:
Get your IELTS done from us and go wherever you want to, in the world.

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